Skills & Proficiency

Python & Django

Machine & Deep Learning


Computer Vision


Graphic Design & PS



Chatbot Intern, GoBumpr
GoBumpr is a startup that provides Car and Bike Services on their Android App and website by collaborating with local service stations.
I developed a chatbot to answer queries and handle bookings over the GoBumpr in-app chat.
Libraries used : spaCy, Keras & sklearn, Pandas, Django (backend hosted on an AWS instance)
I also used an algorithm of my own to determine extract features and determine confidence levels of different replies. The front end was a messenger-like chat interface on Android.
Computer Vision Intern, Metarvrse
Metarvrse is an AR/VR startup that provides AR/VR solutions for industrial purposes.
Over the course of my internship, I worked on estimating the 3D pose of objects.
Libraries used : OpenCV, Blender, Keras, Tensorflow
NLP Intern, BicycleAI
BicycleAI is an AI startup (YC W17) that uses the best of machine intelligence with human supervision to provide an exceptional customer service experience. Over the span of 6 months, I worked on predicting Question-Answer similarity, scraping FAQ sites to generate datasets and a BiLSTM based model to predict Question-Question similarity.
Libraries used : Tensorflow, Scrapy, Keras


Algorithms: Design and Analysis

Stanford University

Machine Learning

Stanford University

Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R in Data Science


Deep Learning Specialisation

Coursera (

Python for Everybody (Specialisation)

University of Michigan

Introduction to Data Science with Python

University of Michigan

Internet of Things & Augmented Reality Emerging Technologies

Yonsei University

Git Complete: The definitive, step-by-step guide to Git


Introduction to Psychology

University of Toronto
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Projects and Achievements

MUN Placard Generator

Developed for SSN Model United Nations - Aug '16

Python script to generate placards for a list of countries given a template and a repository of country Flags, using Python's Image Library. A fairly efficient (2 seconds/placard) solution to a rhetoric and cumbersome process.

Sudoku Solver


Python script to scan and solve a solve a Sudoku.
Used OpenCV to process Sudoku image and Numpy to solve the Sudoku


Runner-up (Best College Team) at Save The Hacker, Freshdesk
Spacy(NLP)/OpenCV/Flask/Python and Android

Android app to generate code from Natural Language(Algorithms) and Flowcharts.

Smile vs. Frown Classifier


Python script that distinguishes facial features to identify a person's facial expression and classify it into Smile :), Frown :( or Neutral :|. Makes use of OpenCV and dlib.

WebApp to organise local music


A Web application that can be hosted locally to view, organise and play local music. Makes use of Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS for the UI and Python libraries to gather and consolidate local music

PyCasa - A Home automation system


Created a smart home system to control lights, fans and other appliances using a Messenger bot, Android app and a Raspberry Pi. Used a Django-based backend with a REST API to communicate with the bot and Python to control, trigger and switch appliances.

Jacknchill - A Messenger Chatbot

Won Hackathon at Samhita, MIT - Feb '17

A chatbot built using the Messenger API on a Django backend server to assist with vehicle breakdowns. Uses nltk and for processing natural language. Obtains required parameters and then returns service stations using Maps and Places API. Also uses a database to diagnose a breakdown and suggest solutions for troubleshooting.


Developed at Hatchathon - Mar '17

A Messenger bot for code and Linux reference.
The bot would return syntaxes for queries on basic commands for a given language. Further, we used BeautifulSoup, Python and Requests to scrape GeeksForGeeks, StackOverFlow for queries pertaining to algorithms and otherwise. We also searched and scraped AskUbuntu for queries on Linux and Ubuntu.

Webscrapers and Crawlers

  • xkcd and Cyanide Happiness comic downloader
    Scrapes xkcd and explosm sites for image URLs and downloads comics iteratively.
  • TV show episode renamer
    Automatically finds TV shows, seasons and their episodes and replaces filename with actual episode name and IMDb rating.
  • Airtel broadband usage tracker
    Fetches Airtel broadband quota and FUP details and maintains a monthly log
  • SPI Cinemas scraper
    Scrapes SPI cinemas to find shows available for a given language and date. Developed into an Android app using SL4A
  • Free SMS sender
    Uses way2sms to send a SMS to any Indian number free of cost


Won Microsoft Cognitve Services Hackathon at iTrix, CEG - Mar '17

An application/service to analyse crowd feedback using Microsoft's Emotion API


Won Hackathon at Kurukshtra, CEG - Feb '17

An Android application that helps locate people in the aftermath of a disaster using a web of ad-hoc networks based on mobile hotspots.


Runner up, Hackathon at Prayatna, MIT - Mar '17

An Android application to get deals at nearby stores.
Our app scans specific WiFi networks and notifies users of stores likely to have deals, hence informing users about offers at a stone's throw, without access to internet, data or GPS.

Hospital Management Application


A Java application integrated with Oracle 11g that can be used to maintain records of patients & their diagnoses, doctors and rooms. Has an authentication system that allows selection and manipulation on specific entities to specfic users.