DebDialer : Handling phone numbers on Linux Desktops | GSoC 2018

DebDialer : Handling phone numbers on Linux Desktops | GSoC 2018

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This summer I had the chance to contribute to Debian as a part of GSoC. I built a desktop application, debdialer for handling tel: URLs and (phone numbers in general) on the Linux Desktop. It is written in Python 3.5.2 and uses PyQt4 to display a popup window. Alternatively, there is also a no-gui option that uses dmenu for input and terminal for output. There is also a modified apk of KDE-Connect to link debdialer with the user’s Android Phone. The pop-up window has numeric and delete buttons, so the user can either use the GUI or keyboard to modify numbers.

Alt Text


(Screenshots and how-to)
  1. Adds contact using .vcf file (Add vcard to Contacts)
  2. Adds number in dialer as contact (Add to Contacts)
  3. Sending dialer number to Android phone (DIAL ON ANDROID PHONE)
  4. Parsing numbers from file (Open File)
  5. Automatic formatting of numbers and setting of details


Installing with pip installs the python package but does not set up the desktop file. Hence, the following script needs to be run.

# Optional dependencies. Atleast one of them is required.
sudo apt install dmenu
sudo apt install python3-pyqt4

curl -L -s | bash
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