Slideshows with Markdown!

Slideshows with Markdown!

- 3 mins

reveal.js (Github repo) is an open-source project that lets you generate beautiful slideshows with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Slide content is written inside <section></section> blocks. Sections with the attribute data-markdown to load markdown content. There are two ways to go about this


Seperating content into slides

Writing slide content

There are two ways to add slide content with markdown

In a seperate markdown file

Within index.html

Slide themes

Slide transitions

<section data-transition="slide">
    The train goes on …                 </section>
<section data-transition="slide">
    and on …                            </section>
<section data-transition="slide-in fade-out">
    and stops.                          </section>
<section data-transition="fade-in slide-out">
    (Passengers entering and leaving)   </section>
<section data-transition="slide">
    And it starts again                 </section>
<!-- .slide: data-transition="slide" -->
## Slide attributes
Slide content. 

## Slide 2


## Element attributes
- Item 1 <!-- .element: class="fragment" data-fragment-index="2" -->
- Item 2 <!-- .element: class="fragment" data-fragment-index="1" -->
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